‘This is our moment’: How fleets can engage with rebooted driver training programs to help bolster the new entrant pipeline

‘THIS IS OUR MOMENT’: HOW MOTOR CARRIERS CAN ENGAGE WITH REBOOTED DRIVER TRAINING PROGRAMS TO HELP BOLSTER THE NEW ENTRANT PIPELINE  Truck driving schools and CDL training programs have come back in full force over the past two years since pandemic-related protocols in the spring of 2020 forced many schools and training facilities to pause

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Trucking fleets and creative childcare benefits

Trucking has an opportunity to lead with creative childcare benefits

TRUCKING HAS AN OPPORTUNITY TO LEAD WITH CREATIVE CHILDCARE BENEFITS Unlike economic recessions past, women bore the brunt of the job losses in the COVID-era downturn. And even though overall employment numbers have recouped most of the losses since the severe spring 2020 mini-recession, women have lagged in that recovery. The number of women who

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A farewell to the Board at Women in Trucking

Women In Trucking

FROM LEAH’S DESK: CELEBRATING SIX YEARS OF RELATIONSHIPS AND PURPOSE AT WOMEN IN TRUCKING I have to admit it’s somewhat of an interesting juncture that I find myself writing this farewell note to the Board of Directors of Women in Trucking — at 43, eight months pregnant, and suddenly face to face with the same

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Thanking Women Who Paved The Way In Trucking History

Trucking History

THIS WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH, WE’RE SHINING LIGHT ON PROMINENT FEMALES IN TRUCKING HISTORY Across today’s trucking industry, there are more women earning a living driving a truck, working phone lines as a recruiter, guiding dispatch and back-office operations, and sitting in board rooms in executive roles than at any point in trucking history. The quest

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