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Three highlights from 2022’s fourth quarter driver wages data

From wage growth momentum, recruiting and retention bonuses, and a holiday pay trend nugget — here are three takeaways from this quarter’s driver wages data from The National Transportation Institute.

Attracting talent and providing career path development in trucking extends well beyond the driver’s seat

The “earn your stripes” mentality simply is no longer workable. In fact, it can be somewhat laughable. Younger people in today’s job market are actively searching for roles with fast-paced upward trajectory, not only in terms of pay, but also in responsibility, title, and status.

Fleets responding to newer drivers’ expectations for wage growth momentum

The “earn your stripes” mentality is quickly becoming an ideal of the past. While per-mile and hourly pay for drivers of all experience levels has shown strong and steady growth over the past two years, the momentum of wage growth among drivers at the lower end of the experience scale has been the most pronounced.

Driver onboarding: How to keep the commitment and avoid being ghosted by new driver hires

Does your fleet find itself being ghosted by new driver hires between their commitment date and onboarding date? Here are a few strategies to help keep your professional driver commitments firm.

The importance of trucking, community, and giving shine through even the toughest storms 

Ian has been a reminder that there’s always something we can do to help each other and our communities, whether that’s giving resources or time in the wake of a disaster or in other ways throughout the year. And it’s a reminder of the critical role trucking plays not only in our daily lives, but helping us rebuild towns and communities in the wake of disasters.

What’s ahead for the labor market? Glassdoor chief economist talks how companies can shift as employees’ attitudes evolve

On why ‘blue collar’ and ‘white collar’ are obsolete terms and managers’ new vital skill — Glassdoor chief economist chats with NTI about what’s ahead for the labor market.

Drivers’ on-road amenities: Would you use them?

Second to drivers’ experiences at shipper and receiver facilities, auditing your drivers’ experience within your preferred truck stop networks should be a key pillar in promoting advocacy and appreciation for your professional drivers — and helping boost retention efforts industrywide.  

Auditing your drivers’ experience at shippers’ facilities can strengthen relationships with both customers and drivers

From dwell times and restroom access to clear instructions for entering and exiting, ease of backing to the docks, and the way staff treats your drivers — performing regular audits of drivers’ experience with your shipper customers and their consignees can help strengthen your relationship with your customers and your drivers.

Your Fleet’s Standards Can Be A Beacon For Truck Driver Appreciation Year Round 

In the spirit of yearlong appreciation for drivers and their causes, here are 10 suggestions NTI is offering every fleet to consider and implement in their own way to express appreciation and celebration for professional drivers all 52 weeks of the year.

Investing in and supporting truck drivers’ health is foundational to showing driver appreciation year around 

One of the most critical and foundational ways that motor carriers can show appreciation for drivers’ lives and their livelihoods is to build effective health and wellness programs that educate drivers on personal health, support them in making better decisions, and treat driver health as a team effort.

Are you equipping your recruiters to sell your company’s unique value prop to drivers? 

Do your recruiters know what sets you apart? Are they effectively selling your company’s message? Are they equipped to answer drivers’ questions accurately and clearly?

Now’s not the time for fleets to pull back on driver recruiting and retention momentum

Motor carrier leadership teams and the industry at large must continue the efforts we’ve all worked so hard to accomplish — that is, to attract folks into the industry by promising them a rewarding career opportunity and persistently following through to make it so.

3 highlights from this quarter’s driver wages data

Survey data compiled by The National Transportation Institute on driver compensation and benefits programs for the most recent quarter shows that driver wages across segments, applications, trailer type, and fleet type continued their streak of quarter-to-quarter gains that started in the back half of 2020. Here are three highlights from this quarter’s wage data.

Four Dos and Don’ts for driver job descriptions and recruiting pitches

Recruiting’s goal isn’t to meet hiring quotas or simply get drivers in the door for onboarding. Rather, it’s to be a matchmaker: Find candidates that fit the job or jobs your fleet has available and hire them with an appropriate compensation package.

Mentorship networks provide a spark for experienced and newcomer women drivers alike

LeadHER Trucking, developed by the LeadHER Alliance and the Women in Trucking Association, gives new entrant drivers access to a dedicated mentor, monthly and quarterly enrichment and educational sessions, and support, guidance, and motivation for women in their first year behind the wheel. 

A year in, Next Generation in Trucking looks to build even more momentum

Just a year into its founding, the Next Generation in Trucking Association has already engaged with more than 60 high schools across the country and dozens of community colleges in states around the U.S. to begin the process of setting up programs to connect students and young adults with careers in trucking.

Fleets’ next steps in California to deter scrutiny under state’s AB 5 independent contractor law

NTI recently spoke with attorney Doug Grawe, of The Grawe Group, about how carriers can navigate this new legal landscape in California and beyond, and how carriers should position themselves to weather any possible legal challenges brought by the state or in civil court.

Supporting Truckers Final Mile in a critical time of need

The National Transportation Institute is proud to provide financial support for Truckers Final Mile with a new monthly sponsorship award. NTI also invites other industry donors to help TFM address growing need for its help and calls on motor carriers to meet the moment when needed. 

U.S. economy flirting with a recession, the fundamentals behind driver wage pressures are little changed

What does the current economic reset mean for freight demand, driver recruiting and retention, and pressures on driver wages?

As per-mile pay soars for first-year drivers, time for fleets to check in on typical pay progression models

According to data compiled from NTI’s flagship National Survey of Driver Wages for 2022’s second quarter, per-mile pay for drivers with a mere one year of experience at for-hire motor carriers climbed by 11 cents a mile at the top end of the scale compared to the same quarter in 2021.

Fleets can provide a safe haven for owner-operators and build their own capacity at the same time

Here’s how you can forge relationships with owner-operators that can provide needed capacity and help relieve some of the pressure on your fleet’s need for drivers

Time to reconsider sign-on bonuses? A few effective alternatives to a common driver recruiting tactic

Here are a few alternatives for fleets to consider in lieu of sign-on bonuses — and ones that could be more effective in helping fleets achieve the goals they’re after with their driver programs.

Six strategies fleets can leverage as the ‘consumption gap’ persists between a tight employment market and consumer demand

Here are six strategies fleets can employ to compete within the backdrop of an ongoing “consumption gap.”

Actively supporting truck driver health could be your fleet’s retention bonus

Driver health impacts every department, from the C-suite, to HR and recruiting, to compliance and safety. Drivers and their wellness need to be at the center of everything we do.

‘This is our moment’: How fleets can engage with rebooted driver training programs to help bolster the new entrant pipeline

With CDL programs rebooted and interest in CDL programs swelling, training providers are grappling with how to serve this growing interest in CDL training amid a tight market for qualified instructors. And they’re looking to motor carriers to build two-way streets with training providers to help bridge the gap in needed experienced drivers to instruct trainees.

Spreading the message of trucking as a first-choice career for Gen Z starts in your own community

Here’s what motor carriers should know and a few thoughts on ways they can start engaging with Generation Z. 

When bad PR strikes trucking, lead with lessons rather than ire

When bad PR strikes, it will feel like a strong headwind to recruiting and retention. The actions carriers take in the wake of the bad PR, however, is much more important than the negative attention cast on the industry.

Coping strategies for fleet managers to soothe recruiter burnout

Here are a few coping mechanisms and strategies recruiting managers can employ to help motivate their team and ward off burnout on their team and for themselves. 

It’s not complicated: Good pay, strong benefits draw women to trucking jobs and help keep them there

Here’s a question the team at The National Transportation Institute hears often — and it’s likely one you’ve asked internally at your fleet, too: How can we make driving jobs more appealing to women?

Trucking fleets and creative childcare benefits

There’s a “Help Wanted” sign on nearly every door at every business in the country, and carriers must find a way to set themselves apart in the labor market, and every fleet must find its own path to address this real obstacle to people entering and staying in the industry.

A farewell to the Board at Women in Trucking

NTI’s Leah Shaver reflects on her time on the WIT board: promoting trucking as a positive career, forging relationships, building mentorship programs, and seeing trucking evolve to become a more gender-inclusive industry.

Thanking Women Who Paved The Way In Trucking History

NTI celebrates not only these women, but all women making trucking history, for their work, dedication, and courage, and invites everyone in the industry to recognize their achievements this Women’s History Month.

Addressing The Truck Driver Shortage On A Federal Level

Ever since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, a few themes have become more prominent in the driver recruiting conversation. The main one is the truck driver shortage, especially in the face of an ongoing capacity crunch.

Wage Growth vs. Inflation – Have Driver Wages Kept Up?

Don’t let pay structures keep you up at night. Subscribe to the National Survey of Driver Wages and find out exactly where you stand.

Does Guaranteed Pay For Truck Drivers Keep Them In The Seat?

Pay packages have to provide enough to be attractive to prospects and keep current drivers on the company payroll. At the same time, companies don’t want to lose out on driver productivity. How do you balance these concerns?

The National Survey of Driver Wages Hits The Road Like Never Before!

Starting this month, the National Survey of Driver Wages is available online, in a digital, interactive format through the NTI Portal. We’re housing all current and historical surveys in one online location, and making it possible to compare your data against a few competitors (or all of them!) across 180 different attributes of driver wages.

We ♥ Truckers

Why NTI developed the I Heart Truckers program

Could Green Trucking Be The Next Competitive Edge For Recruiting Younger Drivers?

Retiring drivers from the baby boom and Gen X demographic have created an enormous hole, so now it’s more vital than ever to attract younger drivers to our industry. Traditional methods aren’t enough to excite the younger generation about a trucking career.

Can A Driver Referral Program Increase Retention Of Your Current Drivers?

Referral programs are a critical strategy to attract drivers to work for your company and motivate current drivers to stay longer with you. However, not all referral programs are equally effective. Our advice based on over twenty-five years of industry experience and the latest research in recruiting and retention offers effective solutions to optimize your strategy.

Can Social Media Really Increase Driver Retention?

Today, we want to get into a critical tool to add, or sharpen, in your recruiting and retention arsenal:  social media. More specifically, how engagement functions as a tool for driver retention.

From Leah’s Desk: Looking Back At 2021 And How It Will Impact The Future Of The Trucking Industry

Let’s take a look at the top concerns shared with us and how to roll with the punches.

Life As A Trucker – What It Really Costs To Live On The Road

Inflation isn’t easy for anyone to deal with, but it can be even harder for drivers when they’re trying to keep costs in check on the road. Fortunately, there are a few ways that companies can help drivers combat inflation on the road.

How To Make Your Holiday Trucking Benefits Packages More Merry!

HOW TO MAKE YOUR HOLIDAY TRUCKING BENEFITS PACKAGES MORE MERRY! It’s that time of year again – the holiday season is upon us! We all look forward to the parties, gifts, and time with family that are a part of this time of year. Of course, if you work in logistics, you know that this

Redefining The “Typical” Truck Driver

REDEFINING THE “TYPICAL” TRUCK DRIVER Who is a “typical” truck driver in the United States today? The answer to that question is shifting, and The National Transportation Institute is excited to see new trends emerge. A driver shortage has plagued the trucking industry for years, and it became particularly acute in 2020 and 2021. There’s

4 Ways To Combat Inflation For Your Drivers

4 WAYS TO COMBAT INFLATION FOR YOUR DRIVERS Inflation is going to be a talking topic in a lot of your meetings in the next months, but more importantly, in the mind of your drivers while they are on the road and when they turn on the news at home. For two consecutive months, prices

Recruiting More Women to Your Fleet

RECRUITING MORE WOMEN TO YOUR FLEET Close your eyes and try to picture a “typical” truck driver. Did you envision a man? If so, there’s a reason for that. At present, women make up nearly half of the American workforce, but less than 8% of truck drivers. Efforts to improve these figures are picking up

Grateful For Truckers This Thanksgiving

GRATEFUL FOR TRUCKERS THIS THANKSGIVING Happy Thanksgiving! At The National Transportation Institute, we can’t wait to spend time with family, reflect on all that we have to be grateful for, and of course, eat an amazing meal. Everybody knows that Thanksgiving is the day for indulgence. Gathering around the dinner table is the mainstay of

Five Things Drivers Wish the World Knew

FIVE THINGS DRIVERS WISH THE WORLD KNEW National Truck Driver Appreciation week may be wrapped up for 2021, but we’re determined to keep the momentum going for as long as possible. That’s because, at The National Transportation Institute, we’re a little obsessed with drivers. We encounter so many of them who take pride in their

From Leah’s Desk: New ATRI Report Reveals Why You Must Commit to Benchmarking

FROM LEAH’S DESK: NEW ATRI REPORT REVEALS WHY YOU MUST COMMIT TO BENCHMARKING The American Transportation Research Institute recently released its annual Top Industry Issues report. The report was full of interesting tidbits, although I didn’t find too many surprises. Concerns that made the list, like driver recruitment, retention, and pay are matters that I

Economic Growth Slows to a Trickle

ECONOMIC GROWTH SLOWS TO A TRICKLE The latest numbers are in. Last quarter, the U.S. economy grew at a meager 2.0% annualized rate. In most years, this would be a respectable growth rate. But we’re calling it meager this time because it’s the smallest increase since the start of the recovery. To give you a

Taking on Tough Subjects: A Word on Vaccine Mandates and Driver Retention

TAKING ON TOUGH SUBJECTS: A WORD ON VACCINE MANDATES AND DRIVER RETENTION On September 9, 2021, President Joe Biden announced that all businesses employing more than 100 people must either require the Covid-19 vaccine, or a weekly negative Covid test. The vaccine will be obligatory for all federal employees, without an option to test out.

What Does the National Transportation Institute Do?

WHAT DOES THE NATIONAL TRANSPORTATION INSTITUTE DO? You might subscribe to our newsletter. Or you may have heard National Transportation Institute President Leah Shaver on the Hire Road podcast or Transport Topics’ Newsmakers. Maybe you’ve seen us mentioned in Bloomberg Businessweek, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes or USA Today. Or even listened in while Leah

From Leah’s Desk: How to Get More Young Drivers Behind the Wheel

FROM LEAH’S DESK: HOW TO GET MORE YOUNG DRIVERS BEHIND THE WHEEL Let’s talk about recruiting for different age cohorts. Right now, the average age of a trucker is 38 for new entrants and 54 for an experienced driver, according to NTI Carrier data. As baby boomers and older Gen Xers border on retirement, it

An Easy Way Turbocharge Driver Engagement

AN EASY WAY TURBOCHARGE DRIVER ENGAGEMENT We talk a lot about tools companies can use to keep drivers happy, engaged, and, well, continually employed with them. And sometimes, those topics can get a little heavy. Driver health and retirement benefits are going to require a big conversation. And subjects like managing driver dwell time can

I Heart Truckers

I HEART TRUCKERS National Truck Driver Appreciation Week wrapped up on September 18th, and we were thrilled to see so many pictures and hear heartwarming stories of businesses and individuals supporting truckers. Our men and women work hard every day of the year. We love having a week set aside for them each fall and

Recruiting the Next Generation in Trucking

RECRUITING THE NEXT GENERATION IN TRUCKING We’ve all heard the story about aging drivers. There’s no need to regale the NTI audience with statistics about average age or the number of retirements. These are numbers that our readers are already painfully aware of. But for as imperative as it is to address the aging workforce

From Leah’s Desk: Thanking Truckers All Year

FROM LEAH’S DESK: THANKING TRUCKERS ALL YEAR It’s September, and that means one thing at our office – National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. And I love it. We’re big on driver acknowledgement around here, and it warms my heart to see gratitude for truckers spread across the country every fall. There’s good reason to appreciate

Staying Fit to Drive

STAYING FIT TO DRIVE Today we want to talk about a topic that we all wish we didn’t have to. Driver health! It’s not a fun thing to think about. Whether you’re a trucker or a recruiter, this form can seem awfully intimidating. And we all know that the lifestyle on the road isn’t exactly

Celebrating Drivers This Labor Day

CELEBRATING DRIVERS THIS LABOR DAY There’s a holiday around the corner, and it’s one that’s near and dear to us. According to the Department of Labor, Labor Day was instituted as “an annual celebration of the social and economic achievements of American workers”. It was first celebrated on September 5th, 1882 in New York City.

Honestly, It’s a Retention Tool

HONESTY, IT’S A RETENTION TOOL Listen up, friends! This week we want to talk about the reality of trucking as a job, and a lifestyle. More specifically, what’s promised during recruitment versus what actually happens once a driver is on the road. Honesty in recruiting isn’t the most fun to think about, but it is

The Economy is On Fire: A Roundup of Recent News

THE ECONOMY IS ON FIRE: A ROUNDUP OF RECENT NEWS The final days of July included a lot of big news for the economy, including a few developments that are particularly relevant to trucking. Our industry is, of course, inextricably tied to the country’s economic health. But we can also tip the scales in one

Our Infrastructure Bill Wishlist

OUR INFRASTRUCTURE BILL WISHLIST In mid-July, a caucus of Democrats and Republicans came together in support of the latest Senate proposal for an infrastructure bill. While not a done deal yet, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework will likely move forward in the Senate and appears to have enough backers in the House. The infrastructure bill weighs

An Unlikely Recruiting Tool

AN UNLIKELY RECRUITING TOOL Ask most drivers what their least favorite part of the job is, and you’ll probably get at least a few mentions of detention. Over and over again, unpaid, unproductive time is reported to be one of a trucker’s biggest frustrations. Driver detention is a headache for everybody who’s involved in it,

It’s Not (Just) About the Money

IT’S NOT (JUST) ABOUT THE MONEY Here at NTI, we’re pretty big on driver wages. I mean, come on. Obvious statement of the year, right? It’s our job to help carriers offer competitive driver pay, in a sustainable, non-painful way for their company. We talk about it every day. In fact, it’s what gets us

The Biggest Challenge in Driver Recruiting Today

THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE IN DRIVER RECRUITING TODAY There are so many difficulties in trucking today. Consumer demand is up, participation in the labor force is down, and today’s capacity crunch is worse than in 2018. There’re enough challenges to stuff an eighteen-wheeler. What’s the hardest part of recruiting today?  Most fleets are going pedal to

This Fourth of July, Thank You to Our Truckers

THIS FOURTH OF JULY, THANK YOU TO OUR TRUCKERS It’s almost July, and that means it’s almost time to celebrate our nation’s birthday! Independence Day has always been one of our favorite holidays, between the barbecues and the fireworks and the displays of patriotism. The Fourth of July is all about celebrating what makes our

AB5 Rolls On

AB5 ROLLS ON We warned you about this piece of legislation a few months ago, and unfortunately, it’s still going strong. Last month, a 9th Circuit Court panel reversed a California Trucking Association injunction that would have exempted truck drivers from this law. As a quick background, California’s Assembly Bill 5 requires companies to treat

Decline Of Driver Supply Continues

DECLINE OF DRIVER SUPPLY CONTINUES Drug tests are a topic that we don’t love talking about. A positive test can feel like a lose-lose situation – you’re down another worker, and a driver is out of a job. But this year, there’s no way around that elephant in the room. FMCSA requirements mean that more

Truck Transportation Employment

TRUCK TRANSPORTATION EMPLOYMENT Jason Miller, PhD, Michigan State University Much has been written about the difficulty in finding truck drivers. Detailed employment data released as part of the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Current Employment Statistics program helps shed some light on the challenges trucking firms face regarding attracting workers. Comparing employment figures in March 2021

Infrastructure Troubles Mean A Bumpy Road For Truckers

INFRASTRUCTURE TROUBLES MEAN A BUMPY ROAD FOR TRUCKERS In May, Arkansas’ Hernando de Soto I-40 bridge was closed after inspectors found a crack in a steel beam. Authorities shut down the bridge until it could be repaired or at least deemed safe, which at this point, means an indefinite closure. Truckers are bearing the brunt

Canada’s ELD Mandate Goes Live

CANADA’S ELD MANDATE GOES LIVE After lingering in the shadows for years, it’s finally here. The Canadian ELD mandate will go into effect on June 12, 2021. There’s just one problem – none of the electronic logging devices that are currently on the market meet the criteria established by the Canadian Council of Motor Transport

Amazon Is Hiring 75,000 New Logistics Positions

AMAZON IS HIRING 75,000 NEW LOGISTICS POSITIONS In what is likely a sign of things to come, Amazon announced in May that it will hire 75,000 new fulfillment and delivery positions across North America. According to Amazon, compensation for these roles starts around $17 per hour with a $1000 signing bonus. The hiring package includes

Stimulus Spending Will Increase Demand For Drivers

STIMULUS SPENDING WILL INCREASE DEMAND FOR DRIVERS The U.S. economy is getting close to firing on all cylinders again. With a combination of stimulus payments and robust economic indicators in the works, economists predict that Americans are going to rev up their spending. Of course, those purchases need to get moved on a truck. Carriers,

Career Advancement: It’s Not Just For Office Jobs

CAREER ADVANCEMENT: IT’S NOT JUST FOR OFFICE JOBS When you’re thinking about driver retention and recruitment, a challenge that may come to mind is competition from other roles. Warehousing, welding, and construction can pose challenges to finding and keeping drivers. Rising wages in truck-competitive fields can pose challenges to retaining truckers. But it isn’t always

Getting Gen Z Behind The Wheel

GETTING GEN Z BEHIND THE WHEEL There are a few issues out there that seem to constantly haunt trucking executives. Driver recruitment and retention is a big one, but an offshoot of that is truckers’ age. New entrants start out at 38, on average. The mean age of an experienced driver is 54. With statistics

New Legislation Promotes Women In Trucking

NEW LEGISLATION PROMOTES WOMEN IN TRUCKING If the lack of women in trucking is getting you down, then we have some good news for you. The Promoting Women in Trucking Workforce Act was reintroduced in February, and it’s dedicated to addressing factors that keep women from getting behind the wheel. Here’s to (hopefully) seeing more

NTI In The News

NTI IN THE NEWS Newsmakers, that is. NTI President & CEO Leah Shaver sat down with Transport Topics’ Dan Ronan to discuss the state of the industry – what’s keeping fleet owners up at night, where new opportunities lie, and what executives can do to keep great truckers on their payroll. There are real pressures

2021 = 2018 With Complications

2021 = 2018 WITH COMPLICATIONS When carriers think of 2018, they probably remember it as a stressful time. The demand for trucking went through the roof, but with unemployment barely teasing 4%, we saw would-be drivers get lured into other professions. Trucking employment stalled. Now, as we like to say, the trucking market is similar

New Administration Gives Independent Contractors And Small Fleets Something To Stress About

NEW ADMINISTRATION GIVES INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS AND SMALL FLEETS SOMETHING TO STRESS ABOUT If history is any indication, we are not likely to see business-friendly legislation come out of President Biden’s administration. As a legacy Democrat, odds are that his focus will be on greater regulation and consumer protection. This could mean a lot of things

Driver Supply Constraints Plague Carriers

DRIVER SUPPLY CONSTRAINTS PLAGUE CARRIERS After spending the first half of 2020 rightsizing and attempting to pivot, most carriers were blindsided by the changes that came in the remainder of the year. Fleets experienced record low turnover and even stalled recruiting efforts in Q1 and Q2, only to find themselves completely unprepared for the third

Rising Warehouse Salaries Could Undercut The Potential Driver Pool

RISING WAREHOUSE SALARIES COULD UNDERCUT THE POTENTIAL DRIVER POOL As we monitor driver compensation, we can’t forget to stay in the loop on competitive industries. One of those is warehousing, where gaining wages may threaten potential driver recruitment. A recent Randstad survey finds that demand for warehouse workers is accelerating and the sector is ripe

Driver Wages Are A Top Factor In Retention

DRIVER WAGES ARE A TOP FACTOR IN RETENTION Surprise! A recent WorkHound study finds that compensation is an important factor in keeping drivers on the job. But it isn’t just the amount that matters. Both clarity regarding salary structure and avoiding paycheck errors are supremely important if you want to avoid frustration among your crew.

Driver engagement: From hire to retire

Driver Wages began accelerating Q3 2020 in response to rising freight rates as increased demand has outstripped capacity in most markets and turnover is on the rise. Nearly every conversation in the last 7 weeks has started with “where have all the drivers gone?” followed by “we halted hiring March – May and now we

NTI celebrates professional drivers during COVID-19 with Sunshine Tour

One of the few positives to result from the COVID-19 National Emergency has been the realization across the United States of the critical role that professional drivers hold in keeping the store shelves stocked with the items needed for everyday life. Leah Shaver, the President & CEO of the National Transportation Institute (NTI), has spent her

Pay Attention To These Driver Outlook and Wage Trends!

Did you catch our recent webinar, “Driver Outlook & Wage Trends You NEED To Pay Attention To!”? We received more questions than we had time to answer in the allotted time frame, so our presenter, NTI’s COO Leah Shaver, has answered them below in this Q&A-style blog post. If you weren’t able to join the

National Transportation Institute Day of Service Inspires Girl Scouts to Learn About Trucking

On Monday, August 5, 2019, the National Transportation Institute (NTI) served as the host to a group of Girl Scouts for an education event called Trucks ARE for Girls! that took place in New Ulm, Minnesota, which is located about 100 miles southwest of the Twin Cities. The Girl Scouts, who ranged in age from

Women In Trucking Adds New Board Leadership

NTI COO Leah Shaver to continue as Secretary on the WIT Board of Directors Press Release from Women In Trucking Association Association: Plover, WI – June 14, 2019 –  Women In Trucking Association (WIT) is pleased to welcome new board of directors and officers. The change came from an annual meeting where the association votes on

National Transportation Institute Announces Release of Quarterly National Survey of Driver Wages for Q1 of 2019

NTI’s quarterly study of key driver compensation categories found that, while the acceleration of pay moves has decreased, the pay changes that were made do rank as substantial. The trends from Q1 of 2019 point to the continued difficulty in attracting and keeping highly qualified drivers. KANSAS CITY, MO. – June 3, 2019 – The

NTI COO Leah Shaver To Serve As A Presenter & Panelist for Trucking Profitability Strategies Conference at UGA’s Terry College of Business

National Transportation Institute (NTI) Chief Operating Officer Leah Shaver will serve as a featured presenter and a panelist during the upcoming Trucking Profitability Strategies Conference, which is being hosted by the Terry College of Business on the campus of the University of Georgia in Athens. Set to take place April 28-30, the Trucking Profitability Strategies

NTI CEO and Founder Gordon Klemp Set To Lead April 25th Webinar Focusing On Driver Compensation and the Driver Shortage

National Transportation Institute CEO and founder Gordon Klemp will serve as the subject matter expert for an April 25th webinar to be presented by Spireon’s FleetLocate service. The webinar, entitled Driver Compensation and the Driver Shortage: What’s Working?, will focus on one of the most pressing questions facing the trucking industry today. Through the free

National Transportation Institute & Women In Trucking Association Call on All Fleets to Participate in Annual WIT Index Data Collection

The National Transportation Institute is again overseeing all aspects of the confidential data collection and analysis of the WIT Index. The annual survey accurately tracks the percentage of women working as professional drivers and in management positions within the trucking industry, the expansion of which is seen as a key solution to the driver shortage.

NTI National Survey of Driver Wages Supplement Reports Aggressive Driver Pay Movement

National Transportation Institute (NTI) released a supplement to its Quarterly National Survey of Driver Wages report, published in March, in response to rapid movement in driver pay. Due to the extreme volatility in driver pay at the end of the quarter, NTI has issued a supplement with updated data to provide subscribers with clear, actionable

Industry Gold Standard Research on Private Fleet Driver Compensation Study Now Underway

KANSAS CITY, MO (February 20, 2018) — The National Transportation Institute (NTI), the trucking industry’s source for knowledge capital, announced the survey for the 2018 private fleet compensation research study is now underway. Private fleet executives nationwide consider this annual proprietary research to be the gold standard for accurate, reliable driver compensation data because it

Women In Trucking Association partners with The National Transportation Institute to gather and distribute its WIT Index

In an effort to better quantify the number of women working in the trucking industry, Women In Trucking Association, Inc. (WIT) created the “WIT Index”, which measures the number of women drivers and management at organizations nationwide. One of the most often asked questions is “how many women are in the trucking industry?”  Of course,

Position Driver Wages, Recruiting & Retention, Rates for Success in 2016

Stifel Capital Markets is pleased to offer:   Positioning Driver Wages for Success in 2016 Friday, February 26th, 2016 | 11:00 a.m. ET The National Transportation Institute Gordon Klemp – Founder & President & Leah Shaver – Chief Operating Officer    Moderated By: John Larkin, CFA – Stifel Transportation Analyst Dial-In Number(s)   (888) 267-2848  Passcode:

NTI Names ATS As Top Pay Carrier

Designation enhances 60th year in business celebration December 7, 2015 (St. Cloud, Minn.) – Anderson Trucking Service, Inc. was recently named a Top Pay Carrier for 2016 by The National Transportation Institute. The award further celebrates the company’s 60 years of excellence and integrity with an elite endorsement. “It is a privilege to be selected

Recognize Drivers and Their Families During National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Note from the team at NTI:  We find it important to always recognize all that is brought to us by a professional truck driver and we thank you for all that your organization does to support safe delivery of goods across America.   National Truck Driver Appreciation Week – September 13-19, 2015 Do you have

NTI Names Lawrence Transportation As Top Pay Carrier

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Ron Spangler Chief Executive Officer 540-966-4504 THE NATIONAL TRANSPORTATION INSTITUTE NAMES LAWRENCE TRANSPORTATION AS TOP PAY CARRIER Company announces increase to owner operator compensation program July 7, 2015 (Roanoke, Va.) – The company was recently named a Top Pay Carrier for 2014 by the National Transportation Institute. In conjunction with this