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NTI 2022 Q2 Market OverviewTo truckers, she’s the Sunshine Girl

In its annual Women of Transportation issue, FleetOwner last month featured NTI’s Leah Shaver as one of its twelve trailblazers in trucking. “I felt like it was my life’s best match — helping professional drivers find the right company for them,” Shaver told FleetOwner. Read the full profile here to learn more about Leah’s career and where she’s steering NTI.

To truckers, she's the Sunshine GirlNow’s not the time for fleets to pull back on recruiting and retention

In a guest column published in FleetOwner, NTI’s Leah Shaver urges fleets to continue to put the right resources behind retention programs, even amid economic uncertainty.

NTI 2022 Q2 Market OverviewFreightvine podcast: A focus on the driver

NTI’s Leah Shaver joined DAT’s Freightvine podcast and host Chris Caplice in August to chat about why putting industry-wide attention and resources — from carriers, shippers, brokers, and other stakeholders — toward driver retention is the only path forward. To sum up the conversation: The times they are a-changin’, and it’s paramount for carriers and private fleets to position themselves to manage the evolution in driver compensation programs.

NTI 2022 Q2 Market OverviewThe forces at play behind driver wages

NTI’s Leah Shaver joins the Taking the Hire Road podcast to talk about how market and economic conditions are affecting driver wages, how fleets can market themselves to owner-operators looking for a safer haven away from the volatile spot market, and the latest NTI Driver Market Forecast.

NTI 2022 Q2 Market OverviewThe critical trends impacting the driver market in 2022’s Q2

NTI’s Leah Shaver kicked off the Driver Assets and Operations panel at the annual Trucking Profitability Strategies conference at the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business on April 24, 2022, with a video message to attendees, where she provided an overview of the critical economic, demographic, and social trends impacting the professional driver recruiting and retention landscape in 2022.

Retention is the new recruitingDriver health as a frontier to improving recruiting and retention

How many drivers does your fleet lose each year to medical concerns and DOT disqualifications? Join NTI’s Leah Shaver in this one-hour webinar panel discussion with Dr. Todd Simo and Bob Perry, where they talk the importance of documenting health-related turnover at your fleet, how fleets can support their drivers with health and wellness programs, and how to promote health fleetwide as a driver recruiting and retention tool.

Show me the money‘Show me the money!’ — Trucksafe Live! 

NTI’s Leah Shaver joins Trucksafe Consulting’s weekly live show, alongside Next Generation in Trucking President Lindsey Trent, to talk driver pay trends and how the industry can attract younger drivers.

AIM women in transportation panelAim Transportation Solutions Presents: Women in Transportation — A Panel Discussion

This virtual panel features prominent women in the transportation industry answering questions from the moderator and attendees and engaging in a discussion on what drives their success in the historically male-dominated transportation industry.

HDT - TruckinginfoWe love truckers — Taking The Hire Road

NTI’s Leah Shaver joins DriverReach’s Jeremy Reymer on his Taking the Hire Road series.

HDT - Truckinginfo3 Truck Driver Recruiting & Retention Trends for 2022

Driver pay is likely to continue to increase in 2022, as high freight demand and supply-chain headaches are expected to continue through most of the year. But there are other trends at work in recruiting and retention, as well.

Coffee with The Freight CoachOn asking the right recruiting questions and showing drivers their value on Coffee with #TheFreightCoach

NTI’s Leah Shaver joins #TheFreightCoach Chris Jolly on his Coffee with The Freight Coach podcast in a conversation revolving around recruiting the right personnel, tactics recruiters can employ, and the gumption to jump into entrepreneurship.

MERGING LANES with Leah ShaverChanging the Trucking Industry for Good with Leah Shaver

The driver shortage is here. A discussion on the state of drivers in the United States, the challenges they face currently and what to expect in the coming years.

Turning PointKeynote CDLLife Turning Point

The driver shortage is here. A discussion on the state of drivers in the United States, the challenges they face currently and what to expect in the coming years.

Driver ReachRecruit from the Inside Out: Winning with Retention

The extremely hot topic of driver wages is at the forefront of every recruiting conversation. Leah Shaver, President and CEO of The National Transportation Industry (NTI), shares her informed perspective.

FleetOwnerNTI: Driver pay changing faster than it has in years

The trucking industry is experiencing unusually aggressive and volatile movement in driver pay, which is evidence that the market may be headed into a significant driver shortage that will have all trailer types struggling to find drivers

Truckload Carrier Pitch to Raise Rates in 2018 Underway; ELDs, Driver Pay, Turnover All Concerns

The combination of the electronic logging device mandate, a shortage of drivers and an improving freight market has carriers and shippers wondering about transportation prices heading into 2018.

Driver Pay Shows Marginal Second-Quarter Growth

The National Driver Wage Index, which measures over-the-road driver pay, rose 0.9% year-over-year in the second quarter, but the index is likely to grow at a faster pace as truckload carriers experience the positive effects of economic growth and the electronic logging mandate on freight rates, according to the National Transportation Institute.

Driver pay, trucking’s image, and the worsening driver shortage

The average age of the truck driver is 52 and each year that number continues to increase, according to Leah Shaver, COO at the National Transportation Institute.

Listening to the Voice of the Driver Can Ease the Shortage

One way to address the growing shortage of truck drivers is to actually listen to what truck drivers want from the job they perform and that does not always center around pay, though wages make up a large proportion of their wants and needs.

Pay up!

To keep the best drivers long term requires compensation packages that include more than just money. No, the $100,000-a-year truck driver is not just an urban legend. And that driver exists beyond working on a dangerous “ice road” or traveling through a war-torn nation.

Truck Driver Pay Flat in First Quarter, National Transportation Institute Data Show

Truck driver pay was stagnant in the first quarter, marking anemic growth of a fraction of a percent, according to data from the National Transportation Institute.

Truckload Driver Pay Inches Up in 4th Quarter

Salaries for truckload drivers rose at the low rate of 0.04 point in the fourth quarter year-over-year, according to the latest National Transportation Institute index (or 0.03% on a preliminary basis), the slowest in 2016.

Replay: LiveOnWeb on Driver Recruitment and Retention

What’s the key to hiring good drivers these days — and then keeping them? Is it money, benefits, lifestyle? All of the above or more than that?

Women In Trucking Seeks to Accurately Count Women in Trucking

The Women In Trucking Association has created the WIT Index in an effort to more accurately track the number of women working in the trucking industry. WIT partnered with the National Transportation Institute to obtain more accurate data after it found issues with the way the Department of Labor was reporting the number of women in the trucking industry.

Baylor Trucking Raises Driver Pay a Penny Per Mile

Baylor Trucking of Milan, Indiana, is the latest carrier to increase pay rates at the beginning of 2017, one that an industry analyst on driver pay believes could spread across the industry.

Women In Trucking Association Partners with NTI to Gather and Distribute its WIT Index

In an effort to better quantify the number of women working in the trucking industry, Women In Trucking Association, Inc. (WIT) created the “WIT Index,” which measures the number of women drivers and management at organizations nationwide.

Driver Pay ‘Flat as a Pancake’ in 3rd Quarter; Wages Could Rise in ’17

Driver pay grew in the third quarter at the lowest levels in seven years as fleets continue to hedge against soft demand, but two large truckload carriers have announced raises effective Jan. 1 that could catalyze others to follow in 2017, according to an industry official who studies salaries.

Retention: It’s Not Just A Trucking Problem

A lot’s been said about the issue of retention in the trucking industry in regards to both commercial drivers and maintenance technicians, with pay and home time at the heart of the matter where big rig operators are concerned.

Reaching for Driver Retention Solutions

The trucking industry has a lot of obstacles to overcome when it comes to retaining drivers. An aging workforce, low pay for demanding jobs, and inconsistent training are just a few.

Driver Pay Levels Flatten

Driver pay increases during the second quarter sank to the lowest level in seven years as fleets show almost no interest in raising compensation to attract drivers when lackluster freight levels don’t require that step, according to an industry official who studies pay levels.

Increases in Driver Pay Grind to Halt on Lower Freight Rates, Demand

Downward pressure on truckload rates and a weak freight market this year have almost eliminated driver pay increases that were widespread as recently as early 2015, according to an industry official who tracks compensation trends.

Driver Pay: Know Your Target

A well-aimed compensation package helps recruit and retain high-quality drivers. Consider it the holy grail of trucking, the genie in the lamp, or maybe a unicorn.

Complexity Increasing for Truck Driver Pay

Private fleet pay still well-surpasses for-hire pay, NTI survey finds. Driver pay scales are rapidly becoming complicated as fleets across the trucking spectrum – from for-hire to private – seek to reduce turnover and bring in new blood.

Using Big Data to Support Change

NTI’s VP Mark Shaver shares insights on driver recruiting & retention with TT’s Eugene Mulero.

Addressing Driver Recruiting and Retention with Big Data

The National Transportation Institute together with The Lawrence Companies, Inc. talk about how they tackled recruiting and retention, AND saved money doing it, with Big Data

ATSATS Named Top Pay Carrier

Anderson Trucking Service, Inc. was recently named a Top Pay Carrier for 2016 by The National Transportation Institute. The award further celebrates the company’s 60 years of excellence and integrity with an elite endorsement.

Drivers Reap Benefits of Trucking Boom

Many freight haulers have in the past year pushed through their biggest raises in decades. Truck-stop job boards and satellite radio airwaves are saturated with want ads, some offering sign-on bonuses topping $5,000 and free bus tickets to drivers willing to switch employers.

Overdrive OnlineYes, we do think driver pay gains will hold!

As with owner-operator income last year, driver pay writ large was up substantially last year, according to the National Transportation Institute, publisher of the National Survey of Driver Wages.

Free Webinar Sign Up – Helping New Drivers Succeed and Stay

Most carriers, when surveyed, report that they are in favor of hiring less-experienced and even younger drivers, yet far fewer few are actually doing it. The big question on the table seems to be: “How do you safely and successfully onboard newer drivers and at a reasonable cost?”  And, how do you retain them as happy and productive employees once you do?

RecMed-truckerNewsCompany Driver Pay: 2014 Was A Very Good Year for All Segments

It may not have exactly been “the shot heard ‘round the world,” but for many company drivers, it may have been the most important event in the American trucking industry last year, the echoes of which are still being heard.

Surprising Things You Might Not Know About Driver Retention

People packed Fleet Owner’s virtual conference room recently to hear two experts from the National Transportation Institute — Gordon Klemp, CEO and Leah Shaver, vice president, sales and marketing—talk about driver recruiting and retention in a webinar called, Helping New Drivers Succeed and Stay.

Finding and Keeping Drivers With The One-Two Punch: Pay & Respect

Pay and benefits are changing as fleets work to recruit and retain drivers, but treating drivers right is still a top priority. Recruiting and retention; it’s akin to bailing water out of a boat that has a hole in it. You really have to plug the hole first, otherwise you’re constantly fighting to stay afloat. In the trucking industry, that hole is driver retention.

RecMed-OverdirveDriver Performance, Spot-market Gains and Other Rate/Pay Trends

Following Gordon Klemp’s talk at the ACS/TCA January 2014 conference in Nashville — titled “2013: The year that forever changed driver pay” — Klemp ran down some of the most salient points for employee drivers and owner-operators. Klemp, contrary to some analysts’ skepticism, sees potential particularly for spot-market rate gains in the near future, likewise pay-positive potential in performance-pay packages with robust carrier-driver communication components.

RecMed-RandallReilyEventsAttention to Detention: Solutions to the problem of uncompensated time, part 1

Since the change in the hours of service rule early in the last decade that brought in the rigid 14-hour duty day, detention at the loading docks has been a major pet peeve of drivers.

RecMed-RandallReilyEventsTrends in Driver Pay

Listen to Gordon Klemp discuss the trends in driver pay.