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Whether you’re a trucking company executive or an equity analyst, your subscription to National Transportation Institute’s transportation reports will give you the detailed, actionable data and information you need on today’s trucking industry trends, Class A CDL market wages, emerging pay strategies, and more.

We’re the nation’s leading publication for company truck driver and owner-operator compensation changes and trends for both for-hire and private trucking fleets. We track and analyze over 65 unique attributes, including: driver wages, accessorial pay, benefit costs, and personnel policies—everything from pay per-mile and hour to 401(k) plans and detention pay and policies.

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The forces at play behind driver wages

How are the current economic conditions affecting driver wages? NTI’s Leah Shaver joins the Taking the Hire Road podcast to dive into how the economic changes in 2022 have — and haven’t — affected the driver market, fleets’ recruiting and retention strategies, and the forces at play behind driver wages. Also part of the discussion: How fleets can engage with owner-operators looking for a safer haven, and NTI’s latest Driver Market Forecast.

Driver health and wellness as a pivotal frontier in recruiting and retention

How many drivers does your fleet lose each year to medical concerns and DOT disqualifications? Leah Shaver, president and chief executive officer of the National Transportation Institute (NTI), in this one-hour webinar panel discussion with Dr. Todd Simo and Bob Perry details the importance of documenting health-related turnover at your fleet, how fleets can support their drivers with health and wellness programs, and how to promote health fleetwide as a driver recruiting and retention tool.


What Our Clients Say

American Central Transport

“American Central Transport has been a long-time subscriber to NTI’s Wage Surveys. We have used this information as a tool in helping us design driver pay strategies through the years. More importantly we have found insights shared by Leah Shaver to be invaluable. Leah understands drivers and the trucking industry. She brings a fresh approach to our industry and has been a great partner in solving problems. Our conversations are thought provoking that challenge us to make sure our fleet has best in class fleet strategies. We value our partnership with NTI.”

Marten Transportation

“Being acknowledged as a Certified Top Pay Carrier in NTI’s coveted program has been a tremendous benefit in our driver recruiting and retention strategy. We have a reputation for being the leader in driver satisfaction and as part of this elite group offering the best to drivers in financial stability, compensation and health and retirement benefits. We market to potential and current drivers so that they are able to recognize our Top Pay Carrier status as well.”

Barr-Nunn Transportation

“We have relied on the National Transportation Institute for more than 15 years as our go-to source on driver pay and benefits data. The National Survey of Driver Wages allows us to make accurate and informed decisions about where our driver pay, benefits, bonuses and accessorials rank compared to other carriers. We know what we have to do to continue to hire the best drivers that meet our tough standards.”

J.B. Hunt Transport

“From students to experienced drivers, The National Transportation Institute reports the most timely, complete and insightful information on driver compensation available.”

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