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National Private Fleet Survey

National Private Fleet Survey

Overview: This report allows private fleets to benchmark their existing driver pay package to the national and regional numbers for both private fleets and commercial carriers. You’ll also receive NTI’s proprietary Five Year Driver Pay Forecast and Class 8 Driver Supply Forecast. The National Private Fleet Survey gives you the information you need to understand the regional differences which exist in driver pay, the trends affecting compensation such as idling bonus, practical mile pay and performance bonuses, keep you informed of pay trends between issues with the National Survey of Driver Wages – Pay Alerts, and gain insight into over 10 common activity-based pay categories. The National Private Fleet Survey offers complete confidentiality, only you see your detailed data. NTI methodology and data confidentiality assure you are compliant with anti-trust laws.

National Private Fleet surveys are tailor made to your needs and so pricing varies. Contact Mark for an evaluation.

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