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Rising Warehouse Salaries Could Undercut The Potential Driver Pool

Rising Warehouse Salaries Could Undercut The Potential Driver Pool


As we monitor driver compensation, we can’t forget to stay in the loop on competitive industries. One of those is warehousing, where gaining wages may threaten potential driver recruitment.

A recent Randstad survey finds that demand for warehouse workers is accelerating and the sector is ripe for wage increases. According to the firm’s 2021 Salary Guide, wages for warehouse positions are expected to range from $15 to more than $24 per hour for shipping and receiving roles. Pay for manager roles could exceed $43 per hour this coming year. A growing appetite for e-commerce, accelerated by the coronavirus, is the culprit behind the rise. (An eMarketer estimate predicts online retail purchases in the United States will reach $843 billion in 2021.)

Warehouse jobs are booming, and rising compensation could be one more reason that a potential driver never enters the candidate pool.

The situation puts carriers in a tough spot. Warehouse positions offer certain perks that trucking cannot, like more time at home and less oversight.

NTI would also note that several companies who participate in the National Private Fleet Survey employ both warehouse workers and drivers, and create career paths for each.


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